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Hello and thank you for visiting my site. My name is Richard Chisick.

I am a photographer, USMC Veteran, a Doctor of Chiropractic and an accountant. I live with my wife, Christa, and two children, Sam and Elizabeth, in New Lisbon, WI.

I am delighted to have you, your family, and friends, peruse my artwork.

My goal as a photographer is to show you what the scoreboard is unable to do. While the scoreboard will tell you the score at one point in time or at end of the game, as a photographer, I tell the story of the game through my pictures. I show the tight shots that cannot be seen with the naked eye. The close-up shots that reveal the substance of sports for what it is, emotions. The sweat, tears, joy, anger and frustration are what I aim to bring when I take the shot. When I click the shutter, I aim to simply show what the scoreboard cannot.

Why do I take sports photos?

For two reasons, First, because taking a sports photograph is a lot like competing in sports itself and because a small article and photo changed me as a wrestler.

After a disabling injury in 1999, and subsequent illnesses, I have been unable to do many physical things that I did previously. For a long-time I struggled with what to do with myself because most of my life was composed of very physical activities. Although I have been taking pictures throughout the world since 1985, it didn’t dawn on me to take sports photos until I passed the CPA exam and bought myself a new digital camera as a reward for passing the arduous tests.

I decided to try out my new camera by taking some pictures of my son’s basketball tournament and realized that taking sports photos is just like competing in sports. In sports, the player has a certain set of skills and equipment and only has a fraction of a second to perform. Well, that is a lot like taking a sports photograph. Within a fraction of a second, I have to decide if my camera settings are correct, how to frame the shot, and then actually capture the photo all while not really knowing what the player is actually going to do.  So, in a way, taking sports photos is a way for me to compete like an athlete again.

As far as how a small article and picture changed me as a wrestler…..well, I will leave that for another time!

Once again, thank you for visiting the site. In the first thirty days alone, there have been over 70,000 pictures viewed and I only posted a little over 870 total photos throughout the month.

Feel free to right click or download a photo for use on your personal electronic devices or to share on social network sites as well as email to your friends (but please don’t forget to give me credit for the photo).

If you plan on making a print, I ask that you purchase them through the site. The electronic downloads are set at a pixel rate that looks good on your screen or monitor but will not print well.

In addition, your purchases help to fund the website and will allow us to cover more events. Also, we will be able to acquire more precision photography equipment to continually produce better and better results.

Besides, wouldn’t you rather relax in the stands, talk amongst your friends, and enjoy the game, while leaving the photos to an expert.

Don’t forget to support your players by leaving an encouraging comment under their photos.

Thanks again for your support-Enjoy!